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Pony is one of the leading micro-mobility operators in Europe.
Launched in 2018, pony is proud to be the only French operator. We design, produce, and operate 8000 bikes and scooters across 15 cities in Europe. We aim to operate 35 000 vehicles in 50 cities by 2025.
Pourquoi Nous

Pony is a mission-driven company. This means team members are passionate individuals when it comes to mobility and sustainability. We have a sense of purpose. For us, it’s not just about getting around : it’s about changing the way the world goes round. We are eager to do superior work that contributes to moving us further away from a car-centric society.

What sets us apart is our unique participatory model Adopt-a-pony and our obsession with sustainability and quality.

As the matter of fact, pony is the first operator to decentralise ownership of its vehicles, because we believe shared vehicles should belong to the people who use them. We let any of our users buy our ponies and share their revenue, ensuring that the profits remain in the local economy. We say they adopt ponies and we call them pony angels.

Software, fleet management, hardware, city relations, marketplace, we need it all to succeed! This means from the inside it feels like pony is 5 startups in one.

Overall, teamwork is at the heart of the work culture at pony. Transparency, kindness, cheerfulness, excellence, empowerment and efficiency are the values we live by.

We pay close attention to make sure everyone is fully integrated to the team. Most of us get around on a bike or a scooter and all employees get unlimited and free access to our bikes and scooters. We organise regular gatherings and off-site events to ensure we have the best work atmosphere. We also offer flexible hours and the ability to work from home.

The work environment is highly dynamic, we're scaling quickly and currently at a stage where you will be able to shape the future of the organisation. We offer compensation and benefits that are competitive in the market. We work and document everything in English.

Pony is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace dedicated to promoting diversity. We don't discriminate on the basis of race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status or disability status.

Pony is certified **Great Place to Work.**

Nos engagements

Local Economy

Pony is the first operator to decentralise ownership of its vehicles, because we believe shared vehicles should belong to the people who use them.

Battery Recycling

When they are no longer usable, we recycle batteries via our partner SNAM specialised in the recycling of used batteries and electric vehicles.

Green distribution

We use electric vans and e-cargo bikes to rebalance our fleet of ponies across the city.

Green Energy

We use exclusively sustainable energy to charge the batteries of our vehicles, including solar panels, wind farms and hydroelectric power plants.

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